Mr. Le Hong Viet


Mr. Le Hong Viet



Mr. Le Hong Viet was appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and President of FPT Technology Council in November, 2015. As a technology pioneer, he has built a powerful foundation in researching and developing new services and products and applying the latest technology to improve business process for FPT. He plays the vital role in designing and facilitating a creative working environment, in which offer constructive support and resource for technical experts.

 With a strong technical background and hands-on experience working abroad in designing and developing complex IT systems with leading enterprises, his vision is to enhance FPT technology capability; bring good surprise to align with customer values and create FPT’s technology eco-system.

Working experience:

–           From Nov, 2015: CTO, FPT

–           7/2012 – 10/2015: CTO, FPT Software

–           2011 – 2012: CEO, SmartOSC JSC. and Obis JSC.

–           2010 – 2011: CTO, Global Notes Compete (GNC) – FPT Software

–           2008 – 2009: CTO, FPT Asia Pacific – FAP

–           2008 – 2009: Microsoft Virtualization Expert, Singapore

–           2005 – 2007: Technology Expert – FPT

–           2004: Graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering at University of Sydney – Australia


Breakthroughs in Artificial intelligent (AI) and Robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotic are really going into every aspect of our daily life, not only in science fiction, promising a technology revolution. It is illustrated by the appearance of AlphaGo, a computer Go software developed by Google DeepMind, Watson IBM; Tesla, Google, Uber with driveless… This technology helps our lives become smarter and faster, even solving difficult problems of the modern world.

The fourth industrial revolution is also an opportunity for businesses to capture and use new technology to make a difference to become a leader. Any business that does not change is difficult to survive in a highly competitive global marketplace. The technology race in general and in the field of artificial intelligence and robotic in particular is inevitable to technology giants in the world, especially when they own huge amounts of data, which is precious resource for the development of artificial intelligence.

So has Vietnam developed artificial intelligence and robotic and what should we do to not miss the opportunity to welcome this wave of technology?